Bake an Elias Cake!

Published: 05.11.2012

Here is a good recipe for Elias Cake! It is both fun to bake and decorate with the kids, so include them in a nice baking project in the winter!

You`ll find the template under the picture of Elias at the following page:


Film clip of how to decorate the cake:



Have fun!


Chocolate cake:

6 eggs

400g sugar

250g butter

200g margarine


7 ½ cups flour (450 g)


4 ½ teaspoons baking powder

6SS cocoa powder


Butter Cream:

150g butter

150g margarine

900g icing sugar

1 ½ d lmelk

1 tbsp vanilla sugar


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To do this:

chocolate cake

1. Beat eggs and sugar until fluffy.

2. Melt butter and margarine. Pour the hot milk into the butter to cool it down.

3. Add milk / butter mixture into the egg mixture under gentle stirring. Mix the flour, vanilla sugar, baking powder and cocoa and visibility into the mixture under gentle stirring with a spatula.

4. Pour the mixture into a cake tin / roasting pan (32 x 38 cm) with baking paper in the bottom.

5. Bake in oven at 175 º C for about 30 minutes and the cake cool. The cake can be baked the day before.


Butter Cream

1. Butter and margarine, stir gently and airy with half the amount of sugar.

2. Add the liquid (milk) alternately stirring, the vanilla sugar and the rest of the icing sugar.

3. Whisk the butter cream until it is fluffy and light.

4. Butter cream is distributed in about 4 parts and colored with color paste in the following way:

¼ preserved white

¼ dyed red

¼ colored light blue of the sky around Elias. A small portion of this amount is more strongly colored blue to Elias's eyes.


¼ divided in three and colored:


gray using some black butter cream

faint gray by adding a small matchstick tip with black butter cream to Elias's face.


Note: Be sure to use color pasta to ensure sharp colours