The Norwegian Society for Sea Rescue invests in Elias

Published: 15.05.2013

The Norwegian Society for Sea Rescue invests in the production of Elias, season 3, and will still be an important partner in the future!

Elias, the little Rescue Boat and The Rescue Sosiety has already been working together for years. When Alf Knutsen and Sigurd Slåttebrekk made the idea of ​​Elias come to live, they released two books in 1999 by Elias publishers. The Rescue Society invested in the books, which provided income for the planning of a television production for children. The original idea was to create a production with an appearance related to Thomas the train, so they built sets of Lunvik and characters in miniature, surrounded by a pool of 40 000 liters of water that boats could run in.

It turned out that 3D animation was the future, and together with Filmkameratene they made the popular TV-series that we know today. This production was also in collaboration with the Rescue Sosiety.

The Rescue Society has used Elias for many years in their work. They have created a web-site for the youngest children spreading knowledge about sea - and environmental issues. In addition, there are local groups of volunteers throughout Norway who work with basic training in maritime safety. The electrical Elias boats that the Rescue Society offers children and adults to drive during different events, are popular! 

We are delighted to have such an important investor and partner on board, litterally!